Gas springs for kitchen cabinets

BIBUS SINDBY has for many years supplied gas springs to several kitchen manufacturers. The four we have shown are the most popular. This is only a tiny part of our standard program.

Is your gas spring a little tired, send us an e-mail to Then we will find a new gas spring at a reasonable price.



Length without thread: 182 mm
Length center eye to center eye (with 2 standard eyes D1): 214 mm
Pressure 300N.
Fits Designa / Kvik kitchens among others.Stempelvandring: 80 mm



This gas spring includes ball joints at both ends.
Colour: White
Length center eye to center eye: 246 mm.
Pressure: 80N



Length excl. connection parts: 122 mm.
Pressure: 50N.



This gasspring replace the old SINDBY number: 19.7953C. It has 6 mm longer stroke when open. But still the same length when closed. If you can use a standard instead of a custom made gasspring, you will get the same quality for better price and fast delivery.

Length excl. connection parts: 254 mm.
Pressure 100N.

Did you find the right gas spring?

If you didn't find the gas spring that fits your kitchen door or cupboard here, then don't worry. Our range of gas springs doesn't stop here, as we have many more to offer and can cover almost any specification you can have for your kitchen gas springs. You can see more about your options with gas springs, otherwise you are very welcome to contact us on (+45) 75 88 21 22 for advice and guidance.

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