The new Bansbach gas spring, completely made of aluminium

In many applications, the weight is decisive. We therefore pay attention that the weight of the single components is as low as posible. This was the reason to develop the Bansbach gas spring completely of aluminium. The weight saving is not done at the expense of the product characteristics. This aluminium gas spring has the same characteristics as the Bansbach gas springs made of steel or stainless steel. Only with the stated weight saving.

In comparison to standard gas spring, this one is more than 50% lighter. A standard gas spring with a diametre 8/19 mm weights approx. 250 g (with a stroke of 150 mm). A comparable aluminium gas spring with diametre 8/20 mm (with the same stroke) weighs only approx. 120 g.

Above all, this weight advantage becomes decisive when the weight is an essential factor and several gas springs will be used - as you can see in the aircraft industry, e.g. in airplanes.

Product characteristics:

  • piston rod diametre 8 mm
  • cylinder diametre 20 mm
  • stroke 10 - 300 mm
  • force 30 - 500 N
Connecting parts piston rodA1see gas spring catalog p. 46 connecting parts

Connecting parts cylinderA1see gas spring catalog p. 46 connecting parts

Model-- standard
A accord. to your drawing
B accord. to your drawing
E with neutral labels
F with valve
H with special seals

Push out speed/damping40 fast, no end damping
1 fast, normal end damping
2 fast, increased end damping
3 normal, no end damping
4 normal, normal end damping 
5 normal, increased end damping
6 slow, no end damping
7 slow, normal end damping
8 slow, increased end damping
9 other variations

DiameterJJ 8/20

Stroke20010 - 300

Extended length (EL1)485stroke x 2 + 49

Index number.*001** with the index no. - only necessary for repeating orders - we can reproduce exactly the same gas spring which has already been produced. You will recive the index no. with the order conformation/invoice.

Extension-force25030 - 500 N