Rubber products

BIBUS SINDBY has been dealing in rubber profiles, edge profiles, sponge rubber and rubber plates for more than 75 years. 
At present we have some 7,000 available tools at our disposal. Profiles currently not within our selection can be made from a drawing or draft. 


For years BIBUS SINDBY have been suppliers to Danish body shops.
We supply most types of products for this line of business. In addition to that we also supply products for other sectors e.g. aviation and automobile industries, trains, plant trailers and industrial machinery. 

Gas springs

We cover nearly all gas spring dimensions and forces that are required for your specific application. Gas springs are used everywhere in the industrial field where controlled pushing, lifting and lowering without external energy are desired. Besides the automobile and furniture industry, there are numerous applications in the machinery and equipment design.  We also offer special solutions to meet the special requirements in the medical and aircraft industry.
With the continuous production of special sizes from Bansbach and our extensive stock we are able to meet nearly all requirements within a remarkably short time.

Ventilation and Pumps

BIBUS SINDBY’s extensive product range in ventilation comprises ventilators, blowers, heaters, fittings, hoses and roof ventilation. In addition we deal pumps from Secoh. Contact us to learn more about our product range or to inquire for a special solution.