Coronavirus & BIBUS SINDBY

After Wednesday's announcements by the Danish government, we have taken certain measures to avoid the coronavirus at BIBUS SINDBY.

We have remained open, but have minimized the number of people who will be present in our office and warehouse.

Our external people work from home and customer visits will only happen in urgent cases.

As recommended by the government, everyone who has the opportunity, will work from home - for the next two weeks.

We are always happy to get visitors, but we recommend that we only receive guests if absolutely necessary. Supplier visits will be postponed until further notice.

We work hard to process all orders and inquiries, but this is of course a major challenge and we therefore ask for understanding of any delays or waiting times.

We will keep up to date on the situation and will act responsibly to help contain and slow the infection in Denmark.


Best regards 

Keld Hansen