Our wild garden is growing 

Over the last few weeks we have taken a big step forward in our biodiversity project. Svend from Trætop Planteskole has sown wild flowers and Birkedal Natur ApS has planted fruit trees and berry bushes. In addition, we have thinned our windbreak for nursing trees, which have now become a habitat for mice, hedgehogs, etc.

We have planted three varieties of apple trees, three varieties of pear trees, sea buckthorn, apple rose, hawthorn, red currant, black currant and raspberry. There are fences around each fruit tree to protect them from the animals that occasionally wander around our land. The berry bushes were not so lucky to get a fence and we soon regretted it. Over the weekend the animals had a feast and have eaten some of the bushes partially or completely. Fortunately, the berry bushes should be hardy, so we hope they will grow back.
In addition, we have adopted a new tradition whereby for every 25th anniversary, an oak tree is planted in honor of the jubilee. We are so lucky that we have already been able to plant two oak trees for two people who have been employed for more than 25 years - one for Tommy Christensen and one for Keld Hansen. 
We thank Svend and Birkedal Natur ApS for their help and are excited to see if we are lucky enough to harvest some berries this year - we will probably have to wait a little longer for fruit from the trees. 

Wild flowers

Now we have embarked on the next project to promote biodiversity on our property. 
In collaboration with Vilde Vejle, we have gotten in touch with Svend from Trætop Planteskole. Svend will help us plant a wild flower mixture on our lawn, and we are looking forward to it soon being full of color.

Throughout our biodiversity project, we have (and will have) a focus on preserving our regional animals, plants and flowers. The flower seeds that will soon be sown here have been collected by Svend from new plants that he has grown after getting the seeds from enthusiasts who found them in the local area. In this way, we can both contribute to the preservation of the flower species from our region and at the same time provide even more insects with habitats and food.

As soon as our Danish spring weather gets a little better, Svend will visit us and drop the flower seeds in our soil, which both we and the insects will soon be able to enjoy.

One year has now passed

It's been a year since we started our biodiversity project. It took a lot of planning and now - after a long run - something good is happening.

On our otherwise very empty grasslands, there are now plenty of new habitats for animals and insects. It took two days, two diggers and some very inspiring and talented people to turn our plans into reality. 
The pictures show very well what has happened in one year. 

We have a waterhole with slopes for swallows, sand baths for partridges, insect hotels, a fire area with space for lizards, beetles and grass snakes, peat bogs for wild bees and cleared areas for new wild plants. 
We are so pleased with the work and the interim result and look forward to seeing life flourish. 

The next big step will be October, when it's time to plant fruit trees and shrubs so the bees have something to pollinate.

We thank the contractors Birkedal and Anders Fischer Madsen, biologist Bo Levesen and Bethina's inspiration.  

New inspiration for biodiversity

In the summer of 2021, we were lucky enough to be selected as a pilot project on biodiversity in Vejle Municipality.

Since we started, we have kept up our efforts. We mow the grass less often so that flowers can grow and provide nectar for butterflies, wild bees and hoverflies, among others.

But there is much more to do and it is important to us that what we do in the future is done right and is sustainable in the big picture.

That is why we have had a visit from Bo Levesen from Vejle Municipality and Anna Jønson from Skovskolen, who are our sparring partners. They have studied the given conditions on our land in order to give us targeted inspiration on what we can do. 
Bo and Anna gave us an informative and inspiring tour of our property, and we got an insight into what we can do to provide more space for animals and plants - both as a company and in our own gardens. Because biodiversity doesn't have to cost a fortune and just a few small changes can make a big difference.

For example, we can plant more shrubs and fruit trees that flower and provide nectar for insects. A lake would also provide additional space and water for the animals. The tree trunks we already have on our land should be distributed around the area for the benefit of insects and fungi.

In addition, our large pastures are ideal for keeping animals. The advantage of letting horses graze on the land, for example, rather than mowing the grass, is that the horses leave the flowers - and it is precisely the flowers we want to keep for the insects. So it's not unlikely that horses will soon be grazing on our vast pastures.

We are thankful for the experience, which was incredibly inspiring for all of us, and look forward to implementing the good suggestions on our property.

"Vores Vilde Vejle" is a multidisciplinary initiative, which among other things works for more nature in the city. It is about getting more projects started with nature in focus and inspiring a more diverse nature throughout the municipality. Industrial companies and landowner associations can also do something to benefit nature in Vejle municipality, and we at BIBUS SINDBY A/S will make an effort to contribute to this.

You can read more about Vores Vilde Vejle here: https://www.vejle.dk/borger/mit-liv/miljoe-og-naturpleje/vilde-vejle/om-vilde-vejle/ 

BIBUS SINDBY goes green

At BIBUS SINDBY A/S we care about biodiversity and we want to be more environmentally conscious company. In this context, we have been fortunate enough to be selected to participate in a pilot project at local authorities (Vejle Kommune).

This cooperation gets us the necessary professional back-and-forth to do the right thing in terms of reallot more of our land for the benefit of both animals and plants.
Morten Skovlund, a member of nature and environment committee, helped us establish contact with a nature guide from the local authorities, who was able to give us guidance and direction on his very first visit. 

As a result of the visit, we decided to preserve the nature. We will allow grass and plants on our outdoor areas to grow in order to create more space for animals and plants.
In the future, we will work closely with nature guides from local authorities, who will visit us regularly, in order to implement more targeted initiatives to benefit biodiversity on our outdoor areas. 

Our aim is to become ambassadors in Vejle Kommune for this kind of transition. We want to share our experience and help other companies to contribute to bringing biodiversity up to a larger scale in Vejle Kommune.

You can read more in this article

Follow our progress

Below you can see pictures of our outdoor area as it looks in summer 2021.
We expect high grass, flowers, insect hotels and other exciting projects in the near future.
We will continually update the photos on this page. 

Summer 2021