BIBUS SINDBY goes green

At BIBUS SINDBY A/S we care about biodiversity and we want to be more environmentally conscious company. In this context, we have been fortunate enough to be selected to participate in a pilot project at local authorities (Vejle Kommune).

This cooperation gets us the necessary professional back-and-forth to do the right thing in terms of reallot more of our land for the benefit of both animals and plants.
Morten Skovlund, a member of nature and environment committee, helped us establish contact with a nature guide from the local authorities, who was able to give us guidance and direction on his very first visit. 

As a result of the visit, we decided to preserve the nature. We will allow grass and plants on our outdoor areas to grow in order to create more space for animals and plants.
In the future, we will work closely with nature guides from local authorities, who will visit us regularly, in order to implement more targeted initiatives to benefit biodiversity on our outdoor areas. 

Our aim is to become ambassadors in Vejle Kommune for this kind of transition. We want to share our experience and help other companies to contribute to bringing biodiversity up to a larger scale in Vejle Kommune.

You can read more in this article

Follow our progress

Below you can see pictures of our outdoor area as it looks in summer 2021.
We expect high grass, flowers, insect hotels and other exciting projects in the near future.
We will continually update the photos on this page. 

Summer 2021