The new XXL-gas spring

The biggest Bansbach gas spring is most interesting when big force have to be moved or the stroke has to be extralarge. The gas spring with a piston rod diameter of 30 mm and a cylinder diameter of 70 mm is available with an extension force of up to 12.000 N and therefore a really power pack.

And, of course, this gas spring size has all the reliable Bansbach characteristics, too. We manufacture this gas spring exactly according to your requirements. You get the stroke, the extension force and the connecting parts which you require for your application. The standard version of this gas spring will always be made with scraper and valve.

Product charateristics:

  • piston rod diametre 30 mm
  • cylinder diametre 70 mm
  • stroke 100 - 800 mm
  • extension force 1.000 - 12.000 N
  • different connecting parts available
  • with valve
  • with scraper
Connecting parts piston rodIOIO = M24 x 2 x 35
M5 = Clevises
M3 = Hinge eye
Connecting parts cylinderIOIO = M24 x 2 x 35
M5 = Clevises
M3 = Hinge eye
Push out speed-- normal
0 fast
7 slow
Diameter piston rod / cylinderMM 30/70
Stroke700100 - 800
Extended length (EL1)1520stroke x 2 + 120
Index number.*001** with the index no. - only necessary for repeating orders - we can reproduce exactly the same gas spring which has already been produced. You will recive the index no. with the order conformation/invoice.
Extension-force110001.000 - 12.000 N